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Medical Marijuana

Marijuana, or cannabis, has been used medicinally for over 12,000 years. Medical-marijuana is now being rediscovered after 80 years of prohibition in the US. No medicine, including cannabis, can replace a healing relationship with a licensed health professional. Cannabis is not a "miracle" drug or cure, just an extremely helpful medicine for a wide variety of illnesses.

Today, adjunctive therapy with cannabis is helping patients to cope with the symptoms of many diseases and disorders. Cannabis is not intended to replace primary medical treatments but to compliment them. Cannabis alone, self administered, to the exclusion of comprehensive medical care may actually mask illness or prolong delays in seeking appropriate medical assistance.

Every individual responds to cannabis differently depending upon age and illness, their unique genetics, the setting in which cannabis is utilized, the particular strain, composition, and strength of the cannabis used, and the unique thinking and emotions of the patient.

All medicines have "safety profiles" which should be carefully reviewed before starting any new drug. Cannabis has a very safe profile with no reported overdoses or deaths and few adverse reactions.

Over time, most patients learn just what dose is enough to help with symptoms while allowing them to function intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially.
Medical (continued)

Those very few patients who experience anxiety or panic should lower their dose and may not be appropriate for cannabis therapy.

Unfortunately, many in the medical profession remain skeptical about cannabis and are operating upon drug war stereotypes. Cannabis is not a routine part of either medical or pharmaceutical education other than to caution against drug abuse. Believe it or not, cannabis has been used by many to treat addiction to harder drugs.

Many are excited by the real relief that thousands of patients are receiving from cannabis. These words of caution and disclaimers regarding medical advice are here to insure that patients and others recognize that it is up to the patient to accept responsibility along with their recommending physician for any therapeutic choice.
(from The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis)

Drug Testing &
Jury Nullification

Fight drug testing and unjust drug laws through jury nullification. Even if evidence, such as drug test results or drugs, is presented to convict someone of a drug related charge, you have the RIGHT to vote not-guilty simply because you disagree with the law or feel that the punishment is too harsh. Vote your conscience. Rarely does the court inform the jury of this right, but it is there for all jurors to utilize. For more information contact The Fully Informed Jury Association.
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