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      Minxuan Technology‖ donated 1 million yuan to help the development of education and fulfill the mission of social responsibility

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      On March 17, 2021, 11 local Fengzhou Township and Fengzhou Township entrepreneurs donated a total of 11 million yuan to help the education cause of Nan'an. As one of the caring enterprises, one of the company’s shareholders is also the representative of the administrative manager Shi Wenxing Company founder Zhu Bin and the company attended the pledge ceremony and signed the pledge agreement.

      "Always cherish kindness, and be happy to be a moral person." Since the establishment of Minxuan Technology, it has always adhered to the corporate mission of "providing employees with opportunities for growth and development, creating truly satisfactory value for customers, making greater and more contributions to the society, and achieving stable and ideal returns for shareholders". The spirit of dedication and dedication has penetrated into the corporate culture and spiritual civilization, and actively carried out various charitable relief activities based on "people-oriented, poverty alleviation", and fulfilled corporate social responsibility. At the same time, it actively responded to the poverty alleviation, education assistance, and respect for the elderly carried out by relevant government departments, and contributed love with practical actions to establish a good charity image in the society.

      The development of the country cannot be separated from excellent talents. Good education is an important condition for cultivating talents and improving the overall quality of the people. For national rejuvenation, education is fundamental and children are hope. In this pledge, the founder of the company, Zhu Bin, donated 1 million yuan to set up the Minxuan Charity Fund of the Nan'an Charity Federation, which is targeted for the development of education and contributes modestly to the development of education in Nan'an. At the same time, the founder Zhu Bin was also appointed as the honorary chairman of the third council of Nan'an Charity Federation, to help promote the development of Nan'an charity.

      1 The company's Shi Wenxing shareholder representative founder Zhu Bin and the company and Nan'an City Charity Executive Vice President Huang Yongjun signed the "Pledged Donation Agreement"
      2 Wu Yueda, member of the Standing Committee of the Nan'an Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, issued the letter of appointment

      "The world is based on goodness, and the people's heart is based on goodness." Charity is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and fulfilling the mission of social responsibility is a long-distance marathon. In the future, Minxuan Technology will not Forget the original aspiration, keep the mission in mind, and continue to make greater contributions to the promotion of local economic development and social harmony within our ability!

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