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    1. Understanding Minxuan

      Inheritance of ingenuity, dedicated service, played the strong voice of China's rotating seal brand

      Technological Innovation

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      01 Technological Innovation

      Innovative awareness, unique solutions

      R & D System

      Minxuan Technology has built its own research and development system: market user experience + industrial application market specialization research + cross-industry technology integration research (integration of metal processing, materials, technology, tribology, sealing technology, anti-corrosion and other dimensions). Let customers enjoy the value brought by innovation, and create economical and applicable products to serve our customers.


      Minxuan Technology invests at least 6% or more of the research and development of products every year. The many patented technological achievements obtained every year and the good results obtained in industrial applications are evidence of the original spirit of Minxuan.

      Standard System

      Minxuan Technology is good at condensing the elements in enterprise R&D and production into standards. In 2013, it became the main drafting unit of JB/T8725-2013 "Rotary Joints". In 2020, it will take the lead in formulating JB/T 13968-2020 "Types, Main Dimensions, Materials and Identification Marks of Rotating Joints". In 2021, it will take the lead in formulating JB/T 14225- 2021 "Safety Technical Code for High Temperature Rotary Joints". In order to standardize the development of the rotary joint industry, the first national standard for the formulation of "Rotary Joint Terminology" was proposed, which will be released soon.

      Product Testing

      Establish a standard verification laboratory, equipped with more than one hundred complete sets of high-end precision testing instruments for the testing of product parts or materials to ensure internal quality. Invented the high-temperature, high-pressure, high-speed series of rotary joint simulation testing test benches, and established a complete rotary joint dynamic simulation testing laboratory for product performance testing to ensure product qualification rate.

      02 Product Testing Technology

      03 Patented Technology

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