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    1. Understanding Minxuan

      Inheritance of ingenuity, dedicated service, played the strong voice of China's rotating seal brand

      Company Culture

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      Corporate Vision

      Determined to become a leader in the field of rotary joint technology

      Family: "A business is like a family, harmonious and warm, united, and as close as brothers"

      Every employee is a member of the company, brothers and sisters. Everyone gets along like a family, has good communication and sincere care, and regards the responsibility of the company as one's own responsibility and the honor of the company. To be your own glory, all the staff are integrated into one, sincerely united, there are no difficulties that cannot be faced, no problems that cannot be solved.

      School: "Enable employees to grow and improve continuously"

      A learning enterprise will have a more positive working attitude, better product quality, and better after-sales service. Because of the emphasis on the learning and training of new employees, employees will enter work faster; because of the importance of on-the-job training and technical training for employees, the work efficiency of employees will surely rise steadily, and at the same time, the unsafe factors that cause production will also be greatly reduced. . Employees compare productivity, efficiency, consumption reduction, and safety at work. In a learning environment, all employees will continue to improve themselves and eventually form a continuous improvement of the enterprise!

      Army: "Strict discipline, orders and prohibitions"

      Without strict production and operation specifications, clear life and behavior specifications, and clear supervision and inspection specifications for rewards and punishments, the company's own culture and image will not be formed. Only when everything is organized, the division of labor is clear, and the regulations are clear, employees can give full play to their intelligence and ambition within the framework allowed by the enterprise, and guide the main energy of young people to the ideals of health, happiness and a better life! Order and prohibit, do not let the lesson of failure happen again, do not let the pain of the predecessors be passed on from generation to generation; strict discipline, unity and tension, serious and lively!

      Our Mission

      Corporate Philosophy

      Basic Code of Conduct for Employees

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